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Restaurant Near The Airport

Burger Theory is known as a great choice for a restaurant closest to the KCI Airport. Here are a few reasons why Burger Theory is the best choice for dining in the Northland.

Burger Theory Burger

For People Traveling To The Airport:

When people are on their way to the airport, it’s important for them to be able to find a place to eat before they arrive, especially if they are budget conscious and don’t want to spend higher amounts for expensive airport food. If people are traveling from further away, like Kansas or Central Missouri, they want to make sure to find a restaurant near the airport that is fast, inexpensive, and delicious.


Restaurant Near Airport

For People Arriving In Kansas City:

When people arrive in Kansas City they are looking for a comfortable place to eat near the airport. Oftentimes, people are getting picked up by family members or coworkers and they need a place to catch up and discuss their travels. Finding a restaurant near the airport that leaves you satisfied will be the perfect ending to your travels.


Burger Theory Bar

Burger Theory is a great location for dining near the airport because it has proportions perfect for people who have been traveling most of the day. Choose a delicious burger with fries, or if you’re watching what you eat, choose a delicious salad or chicken sandwich.


Other Restaurants Near The Kansas City Airport:

Not in the mood for delicious burgers and fries? No worries! We have plenty of other options to choose from. If not, here are a few other local restaurants near the Kansas City Airport for you to view:

Scott’s Kitchen: For Barbeque and breakfast

Asado Urban Grill: America, Traditional food

Pork & Pickle: Barbeque, Beer

Triple FlavorCafe: Mediterranian, Breakfast, Indian

The Reef: Seafood, Steakhouse